Finding Sacred Reflection By The Light Of The Moon


The moon is a great mentor for living life to its fullest and connecting with your intuitive self. As part of your SoulCollage® practice, the moon can offer her wisdom in many phases. Here are four ways to enhance your “moontuition” in your SoulCollage® practice.

Wisdom Inspired By The Moon’s Phases

Access The Moon’s Fullness Within

Reading 1: “Live Full.” The full moon creates a lot of action: Humans celebrate it, animals and oceans move by it. When the moon is full and bright at night, we can see things outside without the aid of artificial light. Live your life fully; illuminate your path. Plan a full moon reading. Gather the cards in your deck — across all suits — that carry the energy of the moon or the night for you, i.e., nocturnal animals, marine animals, the ocean, etc. Randomly pull from these cards as you concentrate on receiving guidance for best illuminating your path. It is up to you how many cards to pull.

What does each Neter have to share about living life fully?

Illuminate Your Neters’ Favorite Qualities

Reading 2: “Radiate Light.” Despite being the weakest reflector in our solar system, the moon shines brightly against the black backdrop of space. She can even be seen during the day, sharing the sky with the sun. “Moon-ifest” the qualities you admire most in others. As you illuminate your own path, the path is illuminated for others.

Ask your Community cards, “Where (or how) can I best shine my light?” What do these Neters have to share about the qualities they admire in you?

Give Voice To Both Dark And Light “Phases”

Reading 3: “Infuse Yourself With Nature.” The moon is intimately aligned with the natural world, as we have witnessed through the pull of lunar tides and the variety of species that rely upon its light for survival. This type of connection can intuitively guide you, as well.

Gather and lay out the nature-related cards from your Council suit. Quickly explore your other suits, pulling any cards you feel are directly related to those Council cards. Spread them out, separating shadow cards from light cards (i.e., cards that tend toward imbalance in Shadow and/or Light). Choose an opposing pair (including the Council card(s) it is connected to), and explore a dialogue between the shadow and light cards.

What do these Neters have to share about your connection to nature?

My Example Using The “Infuse Yourself With Nature” Prompt

I really enjoy the process of dialoging between cards, especially when opposing or reluctant narratives are revealed. Like the light and dark side of the moon, there can be unexplored or unattended parts that yearn to be heard. For this exercise, I chose a “light” and a “shadow” card from the collected images related to the nature-themed Council cards. It just so happens they are both related to my Song Dog Council card. This is part of their dialogue.

Into The Canyon (Committee)

“Light” card (on left)

My Voice (Committee)

“Shadow” card (on right)

Song Dog (Council)
I Am One Who is focused on listening. I am deeply attuned to nature’s signals and messages. The wind is my music; my voice is my song. This is how I stay connected to the pack.

My Voice (“shadow”)
I can’t get anyone to listen to me! I am frustrated and angry and feel like I must yell and scream to be heard. I am alone and lonely.

Into The Canyon (“light”)
I am sorry you are not heard. I have never experienced that out here, I am bigger than anything else. I am alone but I am the wind and, when I dance through the canyons, the tiny people look up in wonder as they listen to my song whistle through the canyon walls.

I am small and just a yelling head. No one takes me seriously or notices me with wonder in their eyes, like they do for you. This makes me sad and angry.

May I offer an idea?

Yes. I am listening to you now.

Remove your attachment to those who do not honor your voice. Also, stop yelling. No one can hear your song when there is yelling. You cannot hear my wind song when thunder speaks.

I don’t know if I can.

Song Dog (Council)

Find your place where you are confident and connected to your soul environment. Nurture your space from within; connect with your pack for support. We are also your pack; discuss your ideas, be heard. I am listening.

Romancing The Passion In  You

Reading 4: “Inspire Others.” For some, the moon holds their heart; for others, she is their soul. For some, she is darkness; for others, she is light. The moon has long been the source of inspiration for lovers, artists, poets, and philosophers. Both science and art continue to seek ways to study and interpret the moon’s profound effect on our lives. What or who inspires you?

Find ways to express yourself as passionately as those who inspire you. Look to the guidance of your sacral chakra animal Companion. This Neter’s energy is about tuning into your passion and creativity. It is about opening up to new experiences.

What does this Neter have to share about expressing yourself as passionately as those who inspire you?

My Example Using The “Inspire Others” Prompt

My sacral chakra companion is a BIG mama crocodile. When I learned that this chakra is related to passion and creativity, I was intrigued when this big girl presented herself, confidently ambling by with her big “smile.” Her nurturing wisdom flows as she shares her effect on my passion and creativity.

Crocodile Sacral Chakra (Companion)

I Am One Who has nothing to worry about — I’m at the top of the food chain. Everyone waits to see what my next move will be. I am stealthy and powerful and fed by pure instinct. I am deeply protective of anything we birth. I am your primal burst, when the muse overtakes you and you instinctively jump in, working non-stop, impelled by a vision that won’t quit until it’s created in some form. A frenzy above, yet controlled beneath the waters. I am your “crazy artist” burst, creativity on a mission! And I’ve cleared a path for you.

Infuse Your Deck With Moon-Light

Anytime you wish to connect with the energy of the moon, you need only to step outside, or perhaps look out your window. Or you might simply reach for your SoulCollage® cards, where you’ll find the moon awaiting your intuitive conversation with her. Infusing your SoulCollage® practice with the moon and her message of connection is her gift to you.

Moon blessings. ♥

Michelle O. Hedgecock is a full-time artist and SoulCollage® Facilitator, honoring fellow creatives in their artistic journey through creativity workshops and outings in nature. In addition to mixed media and assemblage, Michelle also loves to write poetry and blog, take pictures, and stay active in her Creative Release Project by leaving small originals of her art in public places and on trails for others to find. Learn more about Michelle and where to connect with her online at Desert Moon Collage.

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