What did my daughters and I want to do most this past New Year’s Day? We wanted to create SoulCollage® cards to guide us through the new year, of course!

Does yourI’m an East Coast mom with two grown West Coast daughters. YES, they’ve been bit by the SoulCollage® bug, but neither of them has a regular practice of her own. So often, I’ll bring scissors, blank cards and glue in my checked luggage, just in case we can find a quiet hour together. And, on New Year’s Day this year, we finally did!

Take Time to Pose a Question Important to You

I suggested that we each ask: “What kind of energy might I cultivate and learn from in 2015?” Then, we got busy . . .

“In SoulCollage®, no one reads the meaning of the cards for you; you are the reader of your own images, and speak to your own questions.” ~ Seena Frost

As you’ll know if you’ve read my book, Craft Your Wholeness, it is energy that creates form. Therefore, becoming aware of and working with “an energy” – like excitement, curiosity, gratitude, happiness, surrender, etc. – will begin to create the forms that will move you toward the wholeness you desire. Give it a try!

Of course – and here’s the hard part – you will need to release control of your pre-conceived outcomes — and maybe, also, release some of your old, tried-and-true ways of doing things. (Ouch!)

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Create a Word-Free Zone

Create a simple altar while reading a card's message of guidance and insightWhen I do SoulCollage®, I set up a word-free space with dreamy music. This connects me with the part of me that dreams and “knows,” that some call the Source. In the past, I’ve had really good results from listening to that wisdom, from trusting that its higher perspective knows what I need better than my Everyday Mind (loaded with fear). So — I’m promising myself, and all of you, to be curious and playful this year! To embrace change and take delight in “not knowing.”

Journal After Each Card Speaks

This card is named Exploring and provided Ann with her message for 2015The message from my reading was, “I Am One Who is exploring the world, looking for more excitement, learning, joy and love. I Am One Who is curious and will allow many new possibilities to unroll in her life this year.”

You’re probably thinking, “Well — what’s so hard about that?” So, I’d better let you know: I’m normally super busy. I pride myself on being an expert in my craft. What I do helps other people. I have good relationships. I earn enough money to pay my bills. I’m comfortable with my life the way it is right now! Control! Control! Control!

So, what’s this I’m supposed to do??? Waste my time trying new things? Take a risk with my income? Explore new ways of doing things without a known goal? Risk failure? Become a learner rather than teacher? Waste my precious time “playing”? WHAT CAN THEY BE THINKING???

Truly, this will be a big stretch for “the old Ann.” It’s a good thing I really do trust the Source . . . and that I’m curious! “Explore playfully in 2015?” Hey – there’s a small chance I might even enjoy it – IF I can get over myself! Wish me luck!!!


Ann H. HughesAnn H. Hughes has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2007 and wrote Craft Your Wholeness: How to Make & Use Intentional SoulCollage® Cards for Healing & Living. Ann presented a well-attended workshop at the 2013 International SoulCollage® Facilitators’ Conference in Skamania, Washington. Ann has been a tele-conference presenter through KaleidoSoul and is also a member of the American Art Therapy Association. Ann writes a popular blog at www.CraftYourWholeness.com.