Tools for Getting Started with Your Personal SoulCollage® Practice

This overview briefly describes and links optional resources and tools that will support you on your SoulCollage® journey.

A Personal SoulCollage® Practice App

We've created an iOS App/Software Program That Facilitates Your Personal SoulCollage® Process as Taught by Seena B. Frost

The SoulCollage® app is a powerful program designed to facilitate your personal practice of SoulCollage® on the iPhone, iPad, and (for Android owners) the affordable iPod Touch.

To help you get started, a card-reading demo with the App is available at Comforting the Sleepless Night with SoulCollage®.

Deepen your practice. Have all your readings available for support in your pocket or purse. Keep your cards accessible for on-the-spot wisdom in daily living.

Store Your Cards

Keep your SoulCollage® cards with you. Store and back up your deck on your iPhone, iPad, or (for Android owners) the iPod TouchMake “notes” about any card using keyboard functions like the microphone. Share your cards when you want to in several different ways.

Wisdom On-Demand

Draw 4 cards (drawn randomly and automatically from your deck) for a reading anytime. Turn over each card in turn. Make notes and store the reading. Draw 1 card anytime for a quick “reading.”

Store Your Readings

View your Past Readings. The 4 cards you drew in a past reading will be shown at the top. You can click on the Reading Header you chose in order to view your complete notes. Email your data to yourself for backup.

Card Making Supplies

Compare several options.

We make it easy to start creating your own deck of SoulCollage® cards with a pack of 8″ x 5″ mat boards cards, archival-quality glue, a pack of protective glove-like sleeves, and SoulCollage® Evolving, the basic text for SoulCollage®. 

Make New Friends

Connect with others throughout the world who share your love of SoulCollage®.

Enjoy and benefit from a SoulCollage® workshop experience, in person or online.

It is totally unnecessary to have artistic experience. With SoulCollage®, everyone is an artist and can have fun being creative! (You will even begin to feel like an artist.)

Learn how simple this process is at Making a SoulCollage® Card in 5 Easy Steps.

Facilitator Workshops

Trained SoulCollage® Facilitators offer introductory and specialty workshops for people interested in learning how to make SoulCollage® cards and use them in readings for their own self-discovery.
Trained SoulCollage® Facilitators offer introductory and specialty workshops for people interested in learning how to make SoulCollage® cards and use them in readings for their own self-discovery. These introductory workshops are small and leisurely with lots of time for making cards, doing readings and learning about the SoulCollage® process. These workshops are now held in many locations throughout the USA and the world.

Online Recorded Video Courses. Download and learn the Fundamentals of SoulCollage® at your own pace.

Note: This course meets one of the prerequisites to attend a SoulCollage® Facilitator Training.

Lead Trainer Mariabruna Sirabella
Mariabruna Sirabella is a California Marriage and Family Therapist who travels the world. She is our Lead SoulCollage® Trainer and Translations Coordinator. Mariabruna  offers international Facilitator Trainings and in-depth workshops and retreats. Her art, writings, and teachings encourage creative expression to nurture self-knowledge, evolution, freedom and joy – knowing that any small personal step contributes to the paradigm shift that affects us all. View Mariabruna’s calendar at
Kat Kirby
Kat Kirby is your guide for this online course. Kat is a Board Certified, Registered Art Therapist, SoulCollage® Facilitator and SoulCollage® Trainer, graduate mentor at Prescott College and creative arts instructor at Yavapai College. She has been involved with using art for healing with a variety of populations including people in recovery from addictions and eating disorders, children facing life-changing challenges, and women seeking clarity and vision during times of transition. She lives in Prescott, AZ, and travels the world offering retreats and Trainings.

Stay in Touch with Your New Community

Read personal stories about how SoulCollage® is changing lives.

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Using SoulCollage® To Cherish And Honor Special Times

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It’s true – my greatest joy in doing SoulCollage® is delving under the surface and exploring what’s unconscious in me. BUT, sometimes I use it to help the conscious side of me, too. Especially stuff I just can’t remember! A list of words: Forget it! Put images...

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What Our Facilitators Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our SoulCollage® Facilitators do the talking!

The space we created was very empowering — I felt much more comfortable in my own skin than I have for years. So the process was very healing, and I thank all three of you [facilitators] (as well as all of those who have come before us.) 

Lila Critchley

This has been a personally enriching and affirming experience, so much that even if it has no impact on my professional life (though I feel it will) I would still consider it to have been a worthwhile experience. I had many prompts and synchronicities pointing me to come here, and I am so glad I followed them.

Imelda McGuire

It was a great weekend. This work is so simple, yet so profound. I’m very grateful. There aren’t enough words for my appreciation of SoulCollage®, the three of you, and the weekend’s experience. Thank you so much.

Maya Spector

Founder Seena B. Frost Answers Frequently Asked Questions

How many cards are there in a deck?
There’s no set number. And a deck is never finished. In the first months, you will probably make a lot, often in spurts, and then slow down. But, from now on, you will be watching for powerful new images, and you’ll be paying attention to all the inner guides and challengers who reveal themselves within your soul. And then you’ll make more cards.
What if a card loses energy, or I change?
Now this is an important and often-asked question, and needs careful answering. We don’t want our decks to be static, but rather to be fluid and evolving, as we hope our souls are. So, if a card no longer reflects an energy that you recognize inside yourself, it may be because this part has grown or mellowed. You can then glue new images on top of the old images — images that feel more accurate. But always let a bit of the old image show, to remind you that it’s still in there, underneath, and might reappear. Or you can put a card aside in a special “retirement” box, and create a new one to show the more evolved part of yourself. I don’t advise throwing cards away, though, because they may reemerge in full blown energy in a crisis, and then you’ll remember where they are, and be able to bring them out again.
Should we put words in our collage?
I suggest that people don’t collage words into their cards, because the words will be where the eye immediately goes when the card is drawn. It will be the words that first answer a question, rather than the images on the card. And the words employ the logical mind, more than the intuitive mind. In SoulCollage® we start with images and move, later, to words. Both/and, not either/or. However, this is not a rigid rule, so best not to make yourself wrong if you have glued down images on a card.
What about making cards at home, and writing from them?
Although it’s great fun to occasionally make cards in a group, most cards will be made at home, privately. Group participants are encouraged to go on making cards at home, writing from them, using the I Am One Who…, and perhaps finding a way to draw a card or two every day, as a ritual practice.
Do I need to use the suits?
People sometimes ask me if it’s necessary to even bother with the suits. My answer is that it’s not essential, but it is very useful for anyone who expects to go on and over time create a personal deck of SoulCollage® cards. For these people, the value of the suits is this: They define areas of soul to explore with the flashlight of intuition — areas that might well be overlooked. We all have such a wealth of inner guides and allies and shadowed challengers that bringing even a portion of them up into the light of consciousness can take years. Some of the most important ones, ones that may be really dominating the psyche, might not be found in one suit — let’s say, the psychological suit, the Committee. They might instead be found in the Council, or the Companions, and especially in the Community suit. Without the suits as left brain, intentional prods, directing us to look further into new areas for other diverse, inner parts, we will usually choose image after image that repeat those parts we have already discovered.
Do I have to put fancy backings on my cards to show the suits?
Many people never do put backings on their cards, and this is certainly okay. The cards will still be powerful in readings and loved by their creator. The value in having them backed by their suits is so you can lay them out, face down, and draw from the particular suit you want — perhaps one from each of the suits in a reading. Or perhaps all Council cards for a certain question. Some people have used stickers to mark their suits, but another value of real backings is that they make your cards more beautiful, to hold and to share. Caution: Be sure not to write words on the backs. Writing will tell you, at once, what a card is when you are drawing from your deck for a reading. And, it’s a vital piece of a SoulCollage® reading to draw without conscious knowing. There is an amazing way that the unconscious part of soul knows and chooses the right cards (to the surprise of many, even randomly drawing cards through the SoulCollage® App). You are encouraged to allow this possibility into your readings.
What if there is no one around me to share the process with?
This is a problem in areas where SoulCollage® is not yet known by many people. But, perhaps you can change that, by inviting one or two friends to join you in making cards. Then, show them the book and your cards, and see if they are interested in doing the process with you. Plus, there are now several SoulCollage® groups meeting online to share cards and also the words that come from the images. Check the SoulCollage® website or Google to find these sites.

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