Using SoulCollage® To Grow In A New Direction


Family constellation work and SoulCollage® complement one another. If you missed my first two articles, read them at “Track Your Family Constellation Process With SoulCollage®” and “Using SoulCollage® To Forgive My Mother More Deeply.” I shared my excitement about planning to give a workshop that would combine SoulCollage® with Family Constellation work. Thanks to some energy healing work I received and some SoulCollage® cards I made back then, I was able to move through the emotional molasses that was holding me back and reach for the “energy of connection” I wanted in my workshop.

My Altar Of Intention

To support me in remembering this breakthrough, I set up an altar. Using those two cards and other energetically positive cards I had in my deck, I set the altar up in my office space, where I’d see it every day. Meanwhile, I worked out my workshop content and timeline, as well as the details of putting people up in my house for the weekend. All was going swimmingly . . . until . . . it was time to go to my friend Roberta Rook’s monthly SoulCollage® class.
Ann Hughes' SoulCollage® card altar

The Antidote To Automatic Pilot

This is one of the things I love about going to a monthly SoulCollage® class. I can be running on automatic pilot for weeks – and then: Slam! Here I am . . . with me, myself and I . . . and images (!!!) . . . in silence. And then the images start talking: “Pick me! Pick me!” And so, I end up with a pile of images . . . and they start combining themselves in ways I could not possibly imagine if I tried to “think” it through. And . . . voila! A card! And the card has a voice and a message I may or may not want to acknowledge. But there it is!

I got two cards that day. One was fairly predictable: me, prepared for my class. I called it “Fully Prepared.”
Ann Hughes' "Fully Prepared" SoulCollage® Card
Fully Prepared I Am One Who is fully prepared to give a powerful and fun workshop connected to the Universal truths. I am the one for whom this workshop is just a beginning. I Am One Who will continue to develop this idea and bring it, fully born, into the world.
The other card, however, was one of “those” cards. You know – it comes together of its own volition in the last five-minute scramble, after people start picking up the supplies and you’re screaming, “Not yet! Not yet”!

A Card Emerges To Calm My Fears

As much work as I’d done to clear emotional baggage around self-love earlier, there was evidently something ELSE in there that needed to speak. When the card was made, I could finally see what it was: my old friend, fear of exposure, of not being safe. Miraculously, this “Always Protected” card emerged to calm my fears.
Always Protected I Am One Who is always protected by her Spirit Helpers. I Am One Who is completely safe – even when she is in thorny new territory – guarded from the front and the rear, from within and without.
Ann Hughes' "Always Protected" SoulCollage® Card
The next day, I created one more card from the images I had selected in Roberta’s class. This was a powerful Helping Spirit card that I tasked with developing in me deeper wisdom, feelings and intuition. With my “scared part” protected and a Helping Spirit to increase the flow of the things I needed more of, I was finally ready to roll. I put these cards where I could see them in our workshop space, and they worked with me all weekend.

The Power of Two

The workshop I did with my Constellations partner, Mena, worked exactly as we hoped it would. Everyone who attended participated fully and received great blessings from their work with Family Constellations and SoulCollage® – and from being together in a healing space all weekend. They all left grateful and radiant. Mena and I felt exuberantly happy and fulfilled. Happy ending – right?

A New Direction

Well, yes . . . but it didn’t take long for the next level of challenge to reveal itself to me: Mena and I have a great two-day workshop called “The Power of Two,” but nowhere to present it. I know these tools – especially used together — are great ones for people seeking personal growth — and for therapists. But neither Mena nor I know how to break into those worlds. I also know my personal issues of “Not wanting to ask for help,” “Fear of using technology I don’t understand,” “Thinking I should do everything myself (but knowing I can’t)” and myriad other old friends will be making an appearance. Hopefully, they will dance into my cards, as I am able to engage them. And perhaps, in time, another layer of armor will come crashing to the ground and our workshop will find its wings and take off. We can hope. Stay tuned!

Ann H. Hughes has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2007. She presented a popular workshop at the 2013 International SoulCollage® Conference in Skamania, Washington, and is a member of the American Art Therapy Association. She is also the author of Craft Your Wholeness: How to Make & Use Intentional SoulCollage® Cards for Healing & Living (available from Hanford Mead and Amazon). Read Ann's articles at the SoulCollage® Blog and Craft Your Wholeness.

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